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Note to Parents and Tutors and Mentors:


 Menifee Kids  Art classes are offered through the year in random times and places depending on Venue and my time availability.


When art classes are available they will be posted with a buy it now buttons in our after-school art classes.



If an art class is full or has ended; We apologized for the inconvenience.


As priority goes to our mailing list kids; Please sign up our mailing list to get notified of future art classes.


Thank You!


Menifee Kids Art Camp



Fine art enrichment programs for children & young adults in Menifee California directed by professional artist Ines Miller.

At  Menifee Kids Art Camp children use their imaginations while using a wide variety of materials, such as paints: watercolors, acrylics and tempra,  charcoal, graphite, pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, clays and more.  Children at Menifee Kids Art Camp explore artists, techniques, world cultures and diverse art styles and forms as art students learn the importance of originality.

Throughout the year Menifee Kids Art Camp offers a variety of creative art classes and workshops for children from K - 12 grade.  Art session is divided by age and experience.

Some of the art classes and workshops we teach are:


Acrylic Painting


Charcoal & Graphite 

Watercolor Painting 

Stained Glass

Mosaic Art Class

Papier Mache

3D Sculpting with Clay & Polymer Clays

Tole / Decorative Painting

Paper & Crepe Flower Making 

Basic Jewelry Making


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"My goal as an art teacher is to help young art students  discover the elements of color, value, design, line, and shape here at Menifee Kids Art Camp children  use and get familiarized  to an array of professional art materials and art supplies at the same time they learn about  art tools, materials, mix art mediums, supplies care and  tool safety."



Our students acquire skills, knowledge, and confidence from these fun and educational classes. 


*No prior experience is necessary.

Footwear:  Closed-toe shoes/sneakers are required for jewelry making class, mosaic class, stained glass class, and ceramics.


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Art classes & Workshops

Giraffe color pencil Children art classes in Menifee

(Giraffe color Pencil blending and directional stroke technique done by Art student*)