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Inspiring Creativity through Arts & Crafts

Kids art Holiday workshop in Temecula California - Temecula Valley Art League

Temecula Valley Art League is hosting a Kids holiday workshop this month of November!

holiday art w craft workshop in Temecula California - Ines Miller art Instructor - Hosted by Temecula Valley Art League


TVAL Kids Holiday Workshop 

November 30th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Open to  TVAL members  children and non members.


TVAL Kids members  :  $25.00

Non Members: $35


All art supplies and tuition is included.


Location:  28720 Via Montezuma

                 Temecula, CA 



Instructor: Ines Miller


Ines Miller is an experience children art Instructor and has lead successful kids art camp in the area for over a decade.  Please visit her website at:



Space is limited.

Please sign up Now.



If you are an active TVAL member please click on purchase button to scroll down and select TVAL Member tuition.


Holiday Art Camp - Reindeer Painting art class in Canyon Lake California

Children Art Classes in Canyon Lake California Holiday Art Camp by




From Abstract Art  to Figurative  and Realism Art  Your Child gets to explore and discover  the natural creative talent that  lays within their  heart.


Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee CaliforniaChristmas art painting for children in Menifee California Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California
Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California Art classes near me in Menifee CaliforniaCanvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California Canyon lake Holiday Art camp for kids

This Holiday Art Camp was hosted at Canyon Lake California.


Bringing  kids whimsical vision to a tangible object.


Let their Innocence persevere 

let their  creativity flow

Just Let Them Be…

Allow  Yourself to be amazed by them.


If you’ve in Menifee California and would like more information about our Children art classes and workshops visit link below:

Holiday Kids Art Camp in Canyon  Lake California


Holiday Kids Art Camp in Canyon  Lake Community


Three  Day Holiday Art Camp.


Nov 19 - 21


 For Children who love Art!


canyon lake art classes for kids by Fine Artist Ines Miller



 From a Nutcracker Soldier  painting, to a poinsettia study, perspective and learning its legend; crafting a snowflake wreath,paper crafting ornaments and much more!


 Your child will go on an adventure and explore different mediums to expand their creative imagination!


 We will introduce art campers  to charcoal, chalk, paint, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors and still life with games and  exercises to help children improve there creative and technical skills.


All materials included*


sibling $70.00



Sign up at MEMBERS SERVICES Office  in Canyon Lake.



Little Hands… Challenging  Projects and Big  Dreams!




Creatively Nurturing  



 Because the process is as important as the final product

Enroll your child in a creative art class today!

Painting Art Classes for Kids in Menifee California - Cat painting on Canvas

Here we have another acrylic cat painting done by a young  art student.

painting classes for kids in menifee California - Cat painting on acrylics art classes for children

This is one of the Menifee Kids Art students finished art from our Acrylic art painting class for kids offered in Menifee California.


This is a  semi-private - small group class offered and  runs for 4 sessions.


During this painting art, class children are introduced to the basic preliminary animal figure study and observing basic line and shape. A free hand sketch follows to outline on the art canvas ... ( that’s right! no tracing) this is done by the young artist once they are introduced to the grid method.


Giving your child the confidence of handling a paint brush and brush strokes he/she will gain the confidence to finish a one of a kind original art created by their own little hands!

private art classes in menifee california painting classes for kids

art classes near me in menifee California Painting classes, arts and crafts by Fine artist Ines Miller art instructor cat painting on canvas by child

Ines Miller teaches the old fashion arts in crafts to children in the Menifee area.

For more information on upcoming art classes and art and crafts workshops for kids check our calendar   and sign up our mailing list.

Menifee California Summer Art Camps came to completion

Summer is still delighting us in its full glory; the month of June surely went fast as our Four Summer Art camps for this year came to completion.



starboards bb8 art class pastel chalk pastel painting


Incredible projects and long lasting memories to treasure are now wrapped in our Summer timeline for 2018. Children explored their own creativity in a supervised friendly environment. They engage and problem-solving some of the obstacles and were able to improvise and divert some expectations on that one of a kind creations as they explore an array of art mediums. 


New friendships were formed and the conquering  of their art  challenges had built their self-esteem as they expand their creative possibilities from pastels chalks, to acrylic painting, textile medium exploration,  create their own sgraphito page and even create their own mosaic picture frame  by handling glass in a safe manner ( No a single bandied was used) * Now our students got a glimpse as  there are no limits to their creative  possibilities!.


mosaic tile picture frame summer art class workshop in Canyon Lake by Ines Miller Art Instructor- polishing color glass mic tile picture frame

textile fabric painting summer art camp art classes in Canyon Lake by Ines Miller art instructor

Mosaic tile art class and workshop in Menifee California Kids art classes by Ines Miller fine artist

canvas painting art classes painting lessons for kids in Menifee california Summer art camp in Canyon lake


Thank you, parents, for entrusting your children to our art experience as we share with them the delighting forms and mediums of art and endless possibilities.


I am sharing some group pictures for you to enjoy.


Have a wonderful and safe Summer!

Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake

The second week of Summer Art camp came to completion last week and we are now on our third week!


menifee art camp canvas painting art classes in Menifee California by Ines Miller Art Instructor

Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake!


An incredible group of children on this group eager to learn and be challenge with art projects. Here we started strong as yesterday we started the mosaic picture frame. 

Mosaic picture frame workshop summer art camp in Canyon Lake California

Leaning about outlining, simple lines on design, and negative space as we move on to a complete project ready to be grouted.

Chalk  Pastel introduction and watercolor in the horizon for today!


As time allows will post more information on the children art projects.

Mosaic tile workshop for children Summer art class

And because they believe ... they did it!


mosaic tile workshop art classes for kids


There are no limitations for creativity and neither for the things we can accomplish and these kids did it!


 Mosaic tile summer art class has ended with amazing one of a kind projects from our mosaic tile students.


They have learned safety, protect gear, where do mosaic originated, art on mosaic tiles, how to score tile, and even hands on  tile scoring and learning the tools use for this mosaic workshop! 


Children also learned principles of design, tracing and preparing your design for mosaic tile work;  grout application and things to avoid for a successful completed finish mosaic art piece. 

welcome sign mosaic tile workshop for kids summer art camp in Menifee California

welcome sign mosaic tile workshop for kids summer art camp in Menifee California

sunflower mosaic tile workshop for children in Menifee california Ines Miller art teacher

Lynx cat  mosaic tile workshop for kids summer art camp in Menifee California

basic mosaic tile class for kids eggshell decoupage and grout thecniques

Mosaic Class for Children in Menifee California by Ines Miller professional fine artist

I am offering this Summer the first Mosaic Workshop for children in Menifee California.


This Summer I decided to offer an Introductory Mosaic class for our young kids.


The class is in session now and students are getting a full load of hands-on experience starting from safety,  getting to know the basic tools, handling mosaic, ceramic and glass, even scoring glass!  and of course an overview on the beautiful discovery on mosaic history.


Can’t wait to see their final projects!


STEAM summer camp- mosaic workshop  for children in Menifee California

summer camp- mosaic workshop  for children in Menifee California

art therapy Mosaic art class for kids in Menifee California



summer camp-  beginners mosaic workshop  for children in Menifee California


youth art classes Mosaic workshop summer art camp in menifee California - Ines Miller art instructor



Angels of goodness walking among us!




Thru the year generous people ( Our earthen walking angels as I like to call them )  had donated in a variety of ways for our Children art classes.

Donations  and Art supplies range from offering  their time to help in  our classes,  finding venues to host art classes, sharing  the word about our art camps, sponsoring, donations of goods as acrylic paintings, watercolors, chalk pastels, color pencils, sharpies, buttons, yarn, mosaic tiles, clay, artist paper, watercolor paper, canvas, art books, jewelry supplies, tools and an assortment of odds and ends items  that our little  students and their  creative minds come to use in their art class.



Children taking classes at Menifee Kids Art camp had benefit in a way or another by the giving light of generosity on all these people.


  I want to thank every one of who had contributed to our kid's art classes in one way or another if I  skipped your name please forgive me; I know some parents had felt me mysterious/anonymous boxes at Santa Rosa School front desk as well.


I  and all young smiling faces with a creative heart thank you for your generosity.

2018 Menifee Art Camp for Children

Summer Art Camps

Coed Summer Art Camps in Menifee California open to all children in our community 



Kids art classes Summer Art Camps




There will be Four  summer art camps this season:

Age from 5 yr. old to 16 yrs. old


Age groups will be separate according to experience.



Introduction to Mosaics

$100 per week 

3 hours daily  for 1 week

All materials included



Time: 8:00 AM   -11:00 PM 




General Art Camp -Extravaganza 

which includes the introduction to multiple art mediums


3 hours daily for 1 week

All Materials Included


Location: Santa Rosa Academy - Room 5102

Date: June 11 - 15

Time: 8:00 AM   -11:00 PM 



Canyon Lake 

Please sign up at membership Service Office


General Art Camp -Extravaganza 

which includes the introduction to multiple art mediums


3 hours daily for 1 week

All Materials Included



Location: Canyon Lake Community 

               At East Port Part - Activities Room

Date:       June 18-22

Time:      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM






Paint your Pet- Animal Pet portrait painting ( small group) 



Materials included

Large canvas 18x24



Location: Menifee Lakes - Private Home

Date:       June 25-29

Time:      10:00 AM  -11:00 AM 


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